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Are you a manufacturer?

For over 15 years DIZO have developed an expertise in plastic joining, we master the design, the manufacturing and the maintenance of molds.

Where is your factory? Can I visit your factory?

Dizo located in the city of Wuxi

How to buy your machine?

Please advise specific by mail, after confirm with machine model and price, we will sign a PI for confirming when the first deposit was done, machine manufacture begins, When the balance is complete we will ship out and provide the tracking number.

How about your warranty?

1.All of our products for one year warranty.

2. 24-hour telephone service.

3.A large stock of components and parts, easily worn parts.

4.Toolkit will attach with Machine

How can you guarantee we receive a good performance product?

Dizo applied series inspection process during production When the machine was finished. QC will provide inspection video and pictures for double check the quality control, and we will send the troubleshoot and solutions if needed. Also third part or customers come to the factory have field inspection is welcome.

How soon can you deliver the equipment?

Dizo will deliver your equipment by within 7 days(stock available), Customized equipment or no inventory machine normally need 15-30days.

Who do I talk to when I want to start an application?

Dizo has experiences of sales engineers to provide the assistance and support you require.

Can I get a discount or can you do something with the price?

Dizo sales contact or Key Account Manager can answer your cost-related questions. Please email us.Thank you in advance.


We prefer to the TT

Packaging & Shipping

Provide sturdy plywood case packaging machines, safety and meet the international export standard.

Are we still need to install the machine after we got?

All of the machines will be tested ready before shipping, video, and manual will attached for use and master the machine well.

Ultrasonic problem one: abnormal overload of ultrasonic current

When the generator sends out an overload alarm, check as follows:

1. Sometimes the no-load test is normal, but it can not work normally. It may be that the internal changes of the welding head and other sound energy components lead to poor sound energy transmission. Here is a relatively simple judgment method: hand touch method. The amplitude of the normal working welding head or horn surface is very uniform, and the hand feels smooth like velvet. When the sound energy transmission is not smooth, there will be bubbles or burr when the sound energy transmission is not smooth. At this time, the elimination method should be used to eliminate the defective parts. When the generator is abnormal, the same situation can be produced, because normally, the input waveform of the transducer should be smooth sine wave. This phenomenon can also occur when there are spikes or abnormal waveforms on the sine wave. In this case, another whole branch acoustic energy element can be used to distinguish.


2. Ultrasonic no-load test, if the working current is normal, it may be that the ultrasonic welding head contacts the object that should not be contacted or the parameter adjustment between the ultrasonic welding head and the welding base is faulty.


3. When the ultrasonic no-load test is abnormal, first observe whether there are cracks in the ultrasonic mold and whether the installation is firm. Then remove the welding head and then conduct the no-load test to exclude whether there is a problem with the ultrasonic transducer + ultrasonic horn, and eliminate step by step. After eliminating the possibility of transducer + horn failure, the new welding head shall be replaced to judge.

Ultrasonic problem two: abnormal heating of ultrasonic mold

When the ultrasonic mold is working, there will be a certain heating phenomenon, which is caused by the mechanical energy loss of the material itself and the heat conduction of ultrasonic objects. Whether the heating of ultrasonic mold is normal or not is judged as: when the ultrasonic mold is not loaded (i.e. not contacting the workpiece), the ultrasonic wave is continuously emitted for more than half an hour, and the temperature should not exceed 50-70 ℃. If the heat is damaged, it is proved that the ultrasonic mold has been damaged or the material is unqualified and needs to be replaced; if the mold temperature is too high, it is usually accompanied by abnormal high ultrasonic current;

Ultrasonic problem three: ultrasonic mold howling abnormal

When the ultrasonic mold screams, the following reasons should be analyzed:


1. Whether the ultrasonic mold is in contact with the object that should not be contacted;


2. Whether the screw of ultrasonic welding head is loose;


3. Whether there are cracks in ultrasonic mold;