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15k 20k Filter bag ring welding machine

Non-woven filter bag belongs to a kind of liquid filter bag, non-woven filter bag is a deep filtration form of filter bag, the depth direction of the entire filter layer is formed by the fiber three-dimensional three-dimensional loose porous structure, from the inside and outside from loose to dense, forming a gradient filtration, can improve the liquid flux and impurity containment capacity. The surface of the needle felt is treated by burning hair, calendering and other processes to avoid fiber shedding and prevent secondary pollution. Silicone oil-free and chemical-free

 The ring mouth of the filter bag is often used PP ring mouth, PE plastic ring mouth, and ultrasonic plastic welding can be used.

The 15k2600w and 20k1800w 

ultrasonic welding machines 

produced by Dezhong are widely used in the welding of non-woven filter bags.

filter bag ultrasonic welder

15K 20K Ultrasonic welder features

1. Imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, high power, high conversion efficiency

2. Frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation circuit;

3. Fast welding speed, energy saving, high fusion strength No load, no load, no need to adjust the welding head frequency

4. Linear bearing design, precision fine adjustment device,

5. Easily adjust the fuselage stroke with turbine rotation, solve the regulation drawbacks of conventional machines, stable mechanical properties, and high welding accuracy

6. Adopt digital code fine control switch, digital welding parameter setting, intuitive and accurate

7. Automatic overload protection circuit, further improve product service life and safety

8. Fuselage anti-back plus coaxial direct pressure design, pressure application is balanced,

9. The horizontal adjustable design of the welding head is adopted, and the mold adjustment is fast, convenient and accurate to improve the precision of ultrasonic welding

10. Debug and set up a soft start circuit to avoid damaging the mold

11. Full body CNC machining, heavy pressure casting process, strong rigidity, beautiful and more precise

12. Cnc machine tool processing, high precision

13. Assembly of main electrical components, high-quality imported parts of parts