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How to improve the quality of ultrasonic welding

Now many fields will use 

ultrasonic welding machine

,  because of its own efficiency, safety, no need to add auxiliary agents, low cost and other advantages by many enterprises favored. However, in the process of ultrasonic welding, there will still be problems of poor welding effect, and some quality problems that are more likely to occur: the surface of the product produces scars or cracks, the product produces distortion or self-coloring, the internal parts of the product are damaged or squeezed and deformed, the raw edge of the product, the size of the product after welding cannot be controlled and within tolerance, the product is misaligned, and the performance requirements of the water vapor seal cannot be met after ultrasonic welding.

ultrasonic welding mold

So what ways can be used to improve the welding effect of ultrasonic welding products?

1. Improve ultrasonic welding mold

Ultrasonic welding mold mainly plays the role of positioning and bearing. For some complex three-dimensional curved surface shapes and products with high processing accuracy requirements, there are also higher requirements for the processing accuracy of ultrasonic welding fixtures. When the angle or curvature of the ultrasonic welding fixture and the welded product is not consistent, it is easy to cause deformation after the product is welded.

General fixture material is aluminum alloy, fixture according to the product to be welded after the profile processing, but also need to be fine-tuned to change the natural frequency of the fixture, so that its frequency and ultrasonic welding machine when used when the welding effect is better. Ultrasonic welding is easy to crack, shock products, ultrasonic welding fixture should use soft resin or cover cork and other cushioning design. Products that are not easy to break can improve the welding quality by treating the surface of ultrasonic welding fixtures.

2. Optimize the conditions of ultrasonic welding Set.

To achieve the ideal welding effect, the output power, pressure, welding time, cooling time, delay time, etc. of the ultrasonic welding machine can be continuously optimized. 

When ultrasonic welding, if the pressure is too large, the cylinder drop buffer is too fast, it is easy to flatten the ultrasonic welding line, although the product seems to have been closely closed, but because the welding line has been squeezed and sunk, the welding effect is lost, forming a forced welding of the plastic parts surface and the surface, rather than the guided welding of the triangle point, so the welding illusion is generated.

3. Optimize the ultrasonic welding line

When the design of the product's welding line is unreasonable, the product will be displaced due to pressure during the ultrasonic welding process, resulting in product misalignment during ultrasonic welding. Therefore, in the mold processing, at least the welding line is required to be symmetrical and highly consistent, and positioning and ultrasonic welding wire is an important key to success or failure.