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How to weld automobile fuel tank with hot plate welding machine

Hot plate welding machine can be used for car motorcycle carbon tank, lead-acid battery shell, car water tank, plastic car fuel tank welding, hot plate machine general power supply: 380VAC 50/60HZ three-phase five-wire system, 

hot plate welding machine

 can be welded PP/ABS/PA66/PE/PET. PBT and other materials.

car fuel tank

The frame adopts welding structure, the bottom is equipped with adjustable castors for horizontal height , easy to adjust the machine level of all machine side plates.

The body casing material is adopted A3 cold rolled sheet. When the operator is in automatic welding operation, it is protected by safety grating. The upper moving table plate and the lower fixed table plate are made of 45# steel, with surface treatment and smooth surface.

The design has standard mold tooling interface, which is convenient for manual mold change and quick positioning, and leaves room for customers to upgrade other products in the future.

Below we will introduce in detail what processes are the hot plate welding machine welding automobile fuel tank.

The hot plate welding machine heats and melts the body and welding parts of the car fuel tank separately, and then uses the manipulator to press the surface of the two flame melts together. Because the melting point temperature of the car fuel tank body and the welding part is different, it cannot be placed on the hot plate for heating at the same time, and can only be operated separately. The heating plate is made of metal coated with a layer of PTFE and heated by a tubular heating wire inside. Temperature, pressure and displacement sensors are used to precisely control the temperature, working pressure and melting depth of the hot plate surface. During the heating process of using a hot plate welding machine, the surface of the car fuel tank and welding part will be heated to cause the molecules to move and the molecular chains to break. When the manipulator applies pressure to both, the polymer chain diffuses into another molten layer, thus achieving welding.

Because the hot plate welding machine heats two work parts separately, there may be differences in the heating time. In order to reduce this difference as much as possible, the temperature should be adjusted appropriately. The closer the melting time of the two work parts, the longer the waiting time for heating can be reduced. Because only when the temperature of the two work parts reaches the melting point at the same time, the machinery presses the two together to have a good welding effect. Therefore, reducing the heating time difference can improve the welding efficiency of the hot plate welding machine and improve the welding quality of the automobile fuel tank.