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How to weld transformer plastic enclosure with ultrasonic welding machine

Transformer, is the general term of current transformer and voltage transformer, the transformer shell includes a piercing current transformer and the bottom as the pin of the transformer shell, the transformer shell adopts a secondary ultrasonic welding machine to seal the molding.

Ultrasonic welding process

1, ABS material current transformer plastic shell assembly, the female insulation shell and the male insulation shell by ultrasonic welding welded into an integrated structure, a number of secondary windings in the mother insulation shell and the female insulation shell before the capacity cavity. The male insulating shell is welded.

2, the use of high-power ultrasonic welding machine, divided into two operations, to ensure the tightness of the transformer welding, can ensure the firmness of the landing.

transformer ultrasonic welder

The existing transformer needs to ultrasonic welding of the transformer shell in the production process, and the existing transformer ultrasonic welding machine is fixed due to the stroke that drives the upper die up and down, if the different specifications of the upper die and the lower die are more troublesome, try to use the open square column model. The advantage of ultrasonic welding transformers is that there is no need to cast glue and seal after welding, which fully meets the industry's air tightness requirements.

The production of transformer housings includes mold design, manufacturing, injection molding and secondary processing, and most of the original transformers are screwed and assembled. The use of ultrasonic welding not only saves time, but also ensures the life of the transformer's vinegar liquid, energy saving and environmental protection, and no consumables during use.