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Welding wire for vibration friction welding machine

Vibration friction welding machines are plastic welding equipment designed for large or irregularly shaped thermoplastic work.

The equipment can weld large plastic workpieces up to 1500mm long and 700mm wide and a variety of smaller plastic workpieces.

The equipment is equipped with a digital vibration frequency conversion power source, with automatic resonance and frequency automatic frequency adjustment function.

There is a touch screen control display that is easy to use and dedicated control software is used.


High quality welding strength, mostly used in large auto parts, plastic products, home appliances, office automation parts

As with other plastic welding processes, weld design is very important. The common weld design of vibration friction is shown in Figure 1, mainly butting, bevel weld design with flange or side block. According to the product welding requirements, choose the appropriate weld design.

Vibration friction welding wire.png

Figure 1

A--Butt weld (butt)

B--With flange docking (with U-flange docking)

C--Mortise groove with U-shaped flange

D--Double Tongue and Groove

A few points to note:

1.For thin-walled parts (e.g. unsupported parts with a wall thickness of less than 0.8mm) or higher, a welded area design flange is necessary. The flange clasp is fixed to the fixture to hold the product in place and prevent the part from bending in thin walls.

2.Cand D two kinds of design, the inner and outer design has a flange, which can prevent the overflow of material. Avoid possible appearance and functional issues. 

3.The optimal fixture design is shown in Figure 2, where the welding pressure acts directly above the weld ribs.

4. Upper and lower fixture presses the product, transmitting vibration and welding pressure. Therefore, the structural design of the weld area should have sufficient stiffness to transmit pressure with minimal path while avoiding stress concentration on the structure.

Fixture support position

Fixture support position