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What are the advantages of servo hot plate welding machine?

In the field of plastic welding, not all processes are suitable for ultrasonic welding. For example, larger doors, glove boxes, water tanks and other workpieces need to be welded by a hot plate welding process. There are also some high-demand workpieces, which must use a servo hot plate machine to meet the welding requirements.

The servo hot plate welding machine is based on the original pneumatic hot plate welding equipment to add some independent research and development technology, and there is a certain gap with the original equipment in terms of function.


The first is the drive system, the hot plate mold transfer mechanism adopts servo motor + ball screw + linear guide rail drive, the upper and lower molded products are fixed by suction cup suction cup or cylinder clamping, and the upper and lower mold shifting mechanism adopts servo motor double ball screw + linear bearing drive.

The control system adopts PC control system, man-machine interface operation window, adjusts welding parameters, upper and lower mold temperature settings, equips electrical appliances, circuit control cabinets, electrical appliances and gas circuit independent separation, set password protection to prevent non-equipment management personnel from operating, according to customer requirements to increase or decrease PLC programs, according to the module to set the process.

Temperature control adopts thermostat, K type thermocouple detection, temperature difference is set within 3 degrees, and the equipment is automatically adjusted beyond the temperature difference range.

The mold also has certain advantages, the bottom mold of the hot plate mold is made of high-quality imported aluminum CNC processing, the contact surface of the hot plate mold is plated with PTFE, and the upper and lower hot molds are distributed with 10 heating pipes to ensure that the welding surface is heated evenly, the actual temperature is controlled within 5 degrees, and the starting temperature opening time is less than 0.5 hours.

As long as you have welding problems such as low welding accuracy, low stability, welding wire drawing, too long mold change time, too large workpiece, and unstable welding, then choose a servo hot plate welding machine.