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What are the applications of handheld ultrasonic welding machines

The shape of handheld ultrasonic welding machine can be divided into two types:

Pistol type ultrasonic spot welding machine: the welding handle adopts pistol design, and the ultrasonic start switch is located in the trigger of the pistol, which is easy to hold and use, and is suitable for horizontal or vertical welding operations.


Straight-grip ultrasonic spot welding machine: the shape is straight barrel design, ultrasonic start switch is located on the outside of the straight barrel, easy to hold the hand welding and carrying, can also be installed between the machine equipment, suitable for welding operations in all directions.

Advantages of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

1. Small size, simple operation; The use of module integrated circuit, strong power output;

2. Built-in automatic protection circuit, safe to use, stable and reliable work. The welding surface is firm, high strength, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

3. According to the riveting size and welding requirements of the product to be welded, replace different ultrasonic welding horns, which is fast and convenient.

Application Industries:

Garment industry: underwear underwear needle and car pre-process, webbing elastic band welding, etc.;

Trademark industry: weaving mark belt, printing mark belt, etc

Automotive industry: door acoustic cotton, wiper seat, engine cover, water tank cover, etc

Plastic electronics: riveting of small plastic parts, etc

Household goods industry: fiber cotton spot welding and so on

Health industry: mask ear straps, non-woven welding