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High qulity pond liner welder-geomembrane welding machine

Specification Parameter


ModelDZ-RT100 Geomembrane welding machineDZ-RT150 Geomembrane welding machineDZ-RT200 Geomembrane welding machine
ApplicationClimbing welder suitable for PE,PVC, HDPE,EVA, PP,LDPE,ECB,PPR,Welding of drainage plates, composite membranes, and a series of hot-melt materials
Advantage01.Digital circuit control   02.Heating system   03.Pressure system  04.Pressure regulation
Welding speed0-5M/min0-5M/min0-5M/min
Heating temperature0-450℃0-450℃0-450℃
Overlap width:100mm150mm200mm
Weld article number22/32/3
Weld width17mm17mm25mm
Welding strength≥90% base material (tensile resistant in shear direction)≥90% base material (tensile resistant in shear direction)≥90% base material (tensile resistant in shear direction)


Geothermal welding machine is one new welding machine after many years of research and development ,in order to meet the different thickness of Geomembrane film welding , widely suitable for PE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP and other hot melt materials welding.  

The temperature control part of the welding machine uses automatic thermostatic control: high control accuracy and small temperature fluctuations. Speed control is driven by an automatic regulated speed circuit: DC servo motor. The output torque is large to make sure the walking smooth. Keep speed constant when climbing, vertical crawling, and road load change. The working performance of this series of welding machines is stable and is not affected by changes in external temperature and voltage. This welding machine performance is excellent, easy to operate, welding efficiency is high, welding quality is good.

Widely application in highways, tunnels, reservoirs, building waterproofing and other related projects.

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Geothermal welding machine Welding procedure

Since the welding quality of this machine is directly related to the working speed and temperature setting, in order to achieve high-quality welding results, it must be operated by professional person.

1. The user must select a three-core power cord and a three-plug socket that must not be less than 10A. (The operation corresponds to the welding machine plug L-phase connected to the live wire, N-phase connected to the neutral wire, and the ⊥-phase grounding protection wire). After pressing down the handle of the press lever to make the press wheel in a separated state, plug in the power plug.

2. Turn on the power switch, select a certain temperature and speed, and take a few squeezed materials to test welding. Due to the ambient temperature and the thickness of the material, the welding temperature of the same material is different, and the speed (about 2m/min) does not change. In this case, select the temperature to adjust slowly from low temperature to high temperature (about 250°C -350°C) to determine the best welding effect.

3. Judgment of welding temperature. For transparent PE materials, it can be directly observed. The weld mark is flat and transparent, and the surface speed and temperature are appropriate. The weld mark appears severely broken, indicating that the temperature is too high or the speed is too slow, such as welding. The traces are opaque and white, indicating that the temperature is too low or the speed is too fast. For opaque materials, observe whether there are obvious welding traces. You can also wait for it to cool down and perform a tensile test.                                                       

4. Trim the edge of the material to be welded straight, face forward, and overlap the lower left and upper right.

5. After determining the temperature and speed, insert the material to be welded between the two pressing wheels, make the body parallel to the edge of the base material, and close the handle of the pressing rod to weld by itself. In general, the operator only needs to observe Whether there is any deviation of the weld mark on the edge of the base metal, and correct it in a small range in time.

6. When the material is welded to the end, press down the handle of the pressing rod in time to make the upper and lower pressing wheels separate. So as not to burn the rubber wheel for too long.

7. Due to thermal inertia, if the temperature is too high or too low during the welding process, the speed can be adjusted in a small range to compensate for the temperature deviation.

8. The welding method of the welded material and another material into a "T" type lap welding is as shown in (Picture 3). Place the lap on the side of the hot wedge close to the welding mark and cut the length about 150mm obliquely.

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