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Hot plate welding machine for plastic washing machine sink

Specification Parameter

ModelDZ-2040/DZ-3040/DZ5060 Pneumatic hot plate welding machine 
Power supply380VAC 3P 50/60Hz
Hot plate advance and retreat stroke0-700mm
Maximum area of welding parts600*400 mm/depend on use ( by heating energy welding without any welding media)
The distance between the upper pressing plate and the lower pressing plate0-650 mm/depend on use
Applied rangePP/ABS/PA66 / PE material, Oil can, water tank, agricultural sprayer, battery shell, sprayer and other products welding
Heating power1-15KW(depend on use)
Consumed power1-5KW(depend on use)
AdvantageThe frame adopts welding structure, the bottom is equipped with adjustable castors for horizontal height , easy to adjust the machine level of all machine side plates. The body casing material is adopted A3 cold rolled sheet. When the operator is in automatic welding operation, it is protected by safety grating. The upper moving table plate and the lower fixed table plate are made of 45# steel, with surface treatment and smooth surface. The design has standard mold tooling interface, which is convenient for manual mold change and quick positioning, and leaves room for customers to upgrade other products in the future


Hot plate welding machine for car fuel tank  adopts a plate-drawing structure, and the heat of the heating plate is transferred to the welding surface of the upper and lower plastic heating parts by the electric heating method. The surface is melted, and then the heating plate is quickly withdrawn, and the upper and lower heating elements are heated and the melting surfaces are fused, solidified, and integrated. The whole machine is in the form of a frame, composed of three plates: an upper template, a lower template, and a hot template, and is equipped with a hot mold and an upper and lower plastic cold mold. The action mode is pneumatic control. Mainly suitable for welding plastic parts such as household appliances, car lights, and automobile melters. The heating power and mold size can be set according to the size of different plastic parts to realize the welding of a variety of plastic workpieces, with simple operation and convenient use. The heating plate is composed of two upper and lower parts, which are heated by electric heating tubes. This machine is equipped with two temperature controllers to control the temperature of the upper and lower molds respectively. During welding, it can be set in the range of 0~600℃ according to actual needs during welding. The control mode of this equipment can be divided into manual and automatic control. Manual is a single action, which is mainly used for the debugging of mechanism and mold. After manual debugging, it is adjusted to automatic during production. The automatic control system adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen man-machine interface to control, the movement of each cylinder is driven by air pressure, which is easy to operate, reliable in performance, compact in size, and improves production efficiency and quality.

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Product parameter:

Power supply: 380WAC

Frequency: 15KHZ

Air pressure: 6bar

Size: customized according to the product

Weight: customized according to the product

Note: The details are subject to the final design

Automotive industry :  

plastic car body components,car door, automotive instruments, car lights; mirror,sun shield, decoration pieces,filters, reflecting materials, reflecting nail,bumpers, cables, plastic filter

s for motorcycles, radiator, brake fluid header, oil cup, water tank, fuel tank, air hose, exhaust purifier, trays etc.

Plastic parts in electronics :

Prepaid water meter, Communication equipment, Cordless phone, Phone accessories, Phone shell, Battery case, Charger, Repair valve adjustable Lead Acid battery, 3 inch Floppy Disk,USB flash disk , SD Card, CF Card,USB Connector, Bluetooth Device, etc.

Health care products :

Children's supplies, air mattresses, clothing hanger, gardening supplies, kitchen utensils, shower, shower nozzles etc .


1. Hot plate welding machine body adopts built-in forging high-quality heating copper mold, stainless steel bottom plate, high temperature resistance precision aluminum mold, man-machine interface and Kun PLC computer control system, machine action is correct, convenient and safe to operate.

2. The digital PID temperature control function makes the welding temperature more stable.

3. The hot mold is carried by the linear guide rail, with high precision and guaranteed quality.

4. The hydraulic cushioning and shock absorption system is adopted, the noise is very low, the buffer and the ball are independent guide posts, and the mold clamping and positioning.

5. Fast speed, labor saving, high efficiency, twice as fast as traditional.

6. The welding depth can be adjusted. According to the appearance of the plastic parts and the welding strength requirements, the stroke of the upper mold can be adjusted appropriately to achieve the desired effect;

7. The whole frame of the machine is tempered to prevent deformation and make the movement of the machine smoother;

8. Hot plate welding machine adopts imported linear bearings, which greatly improves the service life;

9. car light hot palte welder is equipped with a safety grating to prevent workers from operating errors and causing accidents;

10. This machine adopts high-performance Airteck cylinder device, which can work for a long time and ensure good uniformity of products;

11. This machine uses imported precision guide rails to feed in and out in parallel, and double linear bearings assist crimping to ensure production quality.

12. Adopting domestic well-known vacuum vacuum pump, using negative pressure to adsorb the upper and lower mold products is stronger and safer than the vacuum valve.

DIZO ultrasonic technology co.,ltd is one high tech company,who specialized in technology development,manufacturing and sales service of ultrasonic equipment and hot plate welding machine. we improve our customer's competiation and creats value by quality products and excellent service.We adhere the business philosophy of "customer first,teamwork. Self breakthrough".With development concept of martket demand as guidence.technical progress as driving force, customer satisfaction as criterion. With Service concept of "Start with customer demand and end with customer satisfaction"we supply best ultrasonic welding equipment and best ultrasonic welding service.

Welding material: Hot plate welding machine for  plastic washing machine sink , Modified  PP , HDPE,PE ,PE and different plastics, it can be welded by electric heating .Modified  PP , HDPE,PE ,PE and different plastics, it can be welded by electric heating .

Welding medium : heat welding without any medium . The each module temperature of the hot plate can be controlled independently which is adopted the temperature module.

Temperature control mode,  all adjustment work can be completed on the human-machine interface.

Welding requirements:

1.Ensure the plastic plate weldless surface smooth, no welding mark.

2.The deformation after welding shall not be greater than 3mm per 1 meter

3.Welding strength: More than 70% of the origin body.


Product name:    Automatic pallet hot plate welding machine 

Overall dimension7880  x3596 x2400 (Length x Width x Height)


The frame is welded with domestic high quality A3 rectangular square(φ5x60x100mm), and the surface is in plastic spraying treatment.The door plate is formed by CNC bending machine and punching machine, and then the surface is sprayed with plastic.

②The outer cover is made of cold plate material in accurate processing and forming according to the size of different positions,

③besides the parts treated with rust prevention, all the other surfaces are sprayed with plastic. The color can be customized according to customer requirements.

④Equipped with independent electrical control cabinet. Electrical, hydraulic box and pneumatic control cabinet can be separately.


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