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Sports Cards Grading Equipment · Ultrasonic Welder Machine

Specification Parameter


Ultrasonic welding can be used to seal coins and cards into high-security capsules that are tamper evident. The hard plastic holder is the best way to store rare cards and coins for a long time. Encapsulating a coin prevents it from being affected by the forces that normally detract a coin in its normal existence. This rigid, durable synthetic capsule offers your coins and cards greater protection against any accidental damage.

ModelDZ-2018TA Ultrasonic welding machine
ApplicationPokemon Grading Card, Sports Grading Card, Trading Card Plastic PSA Card Slab Seal Welding
Delay Time/Weld time/Hold Time0.01-9.99s
Max output power2000kw
Welding AreaΦ180
packing sizeW*H*D(CM)Machine Frame:400*650*1100Generater:210*320*80
AdvantageAccurate temperature control/Flexible Manufacturing/Low Maintenance Cost/Sustainable/Low Noise Level/High Safety Level/Easy to Operate/Long Service Life/High Rigidity/High-accuracy


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The ultrasonic welding process has advantages over other sheet metal welding and non-welding processes due to its indirect heating techniques, which improve aesthetics without affecting functions. Aside from that, other advantages of the process include:  

Speed: With the compatible parts, the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration can weld parts quickly. As a result, ultrasonic welding technology guarantees a fast production process, high throughput, and short turnaround times.

High Level of Safety: Due to the indirect application of heat, there is a reduction in operational hazards. Aside from that, heat generated by the process is localized and quickly dissipated. Hence, there is no damage to the welded joints and the surroundings of the materials to be welded.  

Reliability: Machines used for the welding process are reliable as they experience minimal breakdowns and faults. Furthermore, with automation, there is a reduction in operational and human error, operation cost, and improvement in welded joint quality.

Suitable for Dissimilar materials: It is a suitable process for welding different materials – an important attribute needed in plastic welding. In contrast, other plastic welding processes are unsuitable for dissimilar plastic materials because there is no molecular bond formation.

Minimal Material Costs: The process doesn’t require consumables, unlike other joining processes (see the difference between welding and riveting), which use connective bolts, solders, and other adhesive materials. Due to that, it is more cost-effective.

Joint Quality: The welded joint does not have defects such as plastic flashes, deformation, or fault. As a result, the welded joint has a high quality, clean, and invisible seam.  

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Standard Ultrasonic Welding Machine Features:

1.Adopted ST chip to ensure the ultrasonic output amplitude stably ;
2.Withstand voltage of transistor is 1600V, with strong performance and low failure rate.
3.The designed bandwidth can reach to 1000H with high environmental fitness;
4.Pneumatic components are adopted the original AIRTAC products which ensures the lower failure rate;
5.All of the operation panel and Rev. stop parts are designed in Minimum 500,000 times, to ensure machine running in long term .

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1.When the size of the air hose of the ultrasonic welding machine is different from that of the air compressor, you may need to select a suitable hose reducer/adapter. The adapter is to joint the two different hose. (Dizo ultrasonic welder needs a hose with 8mm outer diameter and this 8mm diameter hose will be sent together with the ultrasonic welder. )

2.Firstly, please noted that our ultrasonic welding machine requires 220V power supply (Sometimes a transformer or an adapter needs to be prepared ). Make sure what does the socket of 220V power supply looks like, then pay attention to choose a power cord which fit the 220V electric socket. To help you work smoothly to complete the machine set up work, please think carefully about the details in advance. And if any question, please feel free to contact us. Glad to provide you with technical support.

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Wuxi DIZO ultrasonic technology co.,ltd is one high tech company, who specialized in technology development, manufacturing and sales service of ultrasonic equipment. we improve our customer's competiation and creats value by quality products and excellent service. We adhere the business philosophy of "customer first, teamwork. Self breakthrough". With development concept of martket demand as guidence. Technical progress as driving force, customer satisfaction as criterion. With Service concept of "Start with customer demand and end with customer satisfaction" we supply best ultrasonic welding equipment and best ultrasonic welding service.

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Ultrasonic R&D as well as new applications of ultrasound is our office daily routine

Half the price, Double the value

Each product have been tested three times before reaching to you, and also with 72 hours continuous working to make sure it is qualified. Meanwhile, we keeps learning from foreign company by which upgrading our products.

Good components

Piezoelectric ceramics are mainly imported from Germany, and superior quality aluminum, titanium raw materials is used in the production process.

Individual Customize

Base on more than 10 years manufacturer foundation, we specialized in customized solutions for plastic welding.

Free test

We accept samples from customers, do free test for customer. Also welcome customer to visit our company for experiment.

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