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Sponge Scrubber Making Machine - Ultrasonic Welder

Specification Parameter


ModelDZ-2018TA Ultrasonic welding machine
Applicationscourer welder,scouring sponge maker,scouring pad machine,foam scrubber making machine,dish sponge machine,cleaning pad machine,sponge scrub, dish scrub pads making machine,metal scourer welder
Delay Time/Weld time/Hold Time0.01-9.99s
Max output power2000kw
Welding AreaΦ180
packing sizeW*H*D(CM)Machine Frame:400*650*1100Generater:210*320*80
AdvantageAccurate temperature control/Flexible Manufacturing/Low Maintenance Cost/Sustainable/Low Noise Level/High Safety Level/Easy to Operate/Long Service Life/High Rigidity/High-accuracy


Sponge scrubber making  machine-ultrasonic welder is the process of converting electric current into electric energy through ultrasonic generator.The converted high-frequency electric energy then converted into the mechanical motion of the same frequency again through the transducer, and the mechanical movement is transmitted to the welding head through a set of horn device which can change the amplitude. The vibration energy received by the welding head is transferred to the joint of the work piece to be welded. In this area, the vibration energy is converted into heat energy by friction, and the plastic is melted. Ultrasonic can be used not only to weld hard thermoplastic plastics, but also to process fabrics and films. Heat energy comes from the reciprocating movement of a work piece on another surface with a certain displacement or amplitude under a certain pressure. Once the expected welding degree is reached, the vibration will stop, and at the same time, there will still be a certain pressure applied to the two work pieces to cool and solidify the just welded parts, thus forming a close combination.

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Standard DIZO Ultrasonic welding machineFeatures

1.Adopted ST chip to ensure the ultrasonic output amplitude stably ;

2.Withstand voltage of transistor is 1600V, with strong performance and low failure rate.
3.The designed bandwidth can reach to 1000H with high environmental fitness;
4.Pneumatic components are adopted the original AIRTAC products which ensures the lower failure rate;
5.All of the operation panel and Rev. stop parts are designed in Minimum 500,000 times, to ensure machine running in long term .

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1.When the size of the air hose of the ultrasonic welding machine is different from that of the air compressor, you may need to select a suitable hose reducer/adapter. The adapter is to joint the two different hose.(Dizo ultrasonic welder needs a hose with 8mm outer diameter and this 8mm diameter hose will be sent together with the ultrasonic welder. )

2.Firstly, please noted that our ultrasonic welding machine requires 220V power supply (Sometimes a transformer or an adapter needs to be prepared ).Make sure what does the socket of 220V power supply looks like, then pay attention to choose a power cord which fit the 220V electric socket. To help you work smoothly to complete the machine set up work, please think carefully about the details in advance. And if any question, please feel free to contact us. Glad to provide you with technical support.

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Wuxi DIZO ultrasonic technology co.,ltd is one high tech company,who specialized in technology development,manufacturing and sales service of ultrasonic equipment. we improve our customer's competiation and creats value by quality products and excellent service.We adhere the business philosophy of "customer first,teamwork. Self breakthrough".With development concept of martket demand as guidence.technical progress as driving force, customer satisfaction as criterion. With Service concept of "Start with customer demand and end with customer satisfaction"we supply best ultrasonic welding equipment and best ultrasonic welding service.

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Ultrasonic R&D as well as new applications of ultrasound is our office daily routine

Half the price, Double the value

Each product have been tested three times before reaching to you, and also with 72 hours continuous working to make sure it is qualified. Meanwhile, we keeps learning from foreign company by which upgrading our products.

Good components

Piezoelectric ceramics are mainly imported from Germany, and superior quality aluminum, titanium raw materials is used in the production process.

Individual Customize

Base on more than 10 years manufacturer foundation, we specialized in customized solutions for plastic welding.

Free test

We accept samples from customers, do free test for customer. Also welcome customer to visit our company for experiment.

Dizo Ultrasonic Wedling Machine Widely used in automotive industry, electronics industry, medical industry, household appliances, textile clothing, office stationery, packaging industry, toy industry etc..

Automotive industry :  

plastic car body components,car door, automotive instruments, car lights; mirror,sun shield, decoration pieces,filters, reflecting materials, reflecting nail,bumpers, cables, plastic filter

s for motorcycles, radiator, brake fluid header, oil cup, water tank, fuel tank, air hose, exhaust purifier, trays etc.

Plastic parts in electronics :

Prepaid water meter, Communication equipment, Cordless phone, Phone accessories, Phone shell, Battery case, Charger, Repair valve adjustable Lead Acid battery, 3 inch Floppy Disk,USB flash disk , SD Card, CF Card,USB Connector, Bluetooth Device, etc.


Folders, albums, folding box ,PP hollow plate, pen ring, ink cartridge, ink cartridge, etc.

Medical and household products

watches,kitchen tools,caps for oral liquid bottles, liquid dropping hat; mobiles accessories, golden soft brush, daily commodities; hand lever, safety helmet, cosmetics bottles ( ML PET), coffee kettle,cloth washing machine, air humidify dryer , electric iron, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner,speaker,lids and metal grids for civil engineering etc .

Health care products :

Children's supplies, air mattresses, clothing hanger, gardening supplies, kitchen utensils, shower, shower nozzles etc .


Ultrasonic problem one: abnormal overload of ultrasonic current

When the generator sends out an overload alarm, check as follows:
1. Sometimes the no-load test is normal, but it can not work normally. It may be that the internal changes of the welding head and other sound energy components lead to poor sound energy transmission. Here is a relatively simple judgment method: hand touch method. The amplitude of the normal working welding head or horn surface is very uniform, and the hand feels smooth like velvet. When the sound energy transmission is not smooth, there will be bubbles or burr when the sound energy transmission is not smooth. At this time, the elimination method should be used to eliminate the defective parts. When the generator is abnormal, the same situation can be produced, because normally, the input waveform of the transducer should be smooth sine wave. This phenomenon can also occur when there are spikes or abnormal waveforms on the sine wave. In this case, another whole branch acoustic energy element can be used to distinguish.
2. Ultrasonic no-load test, if the working current is normal, it may be that the ultrasonic welding head contacts the object that should not be contacted or the parameter adjustment between the ultrasonic welding head and the welding base is faulty.
3. When the ultrasonic no-load test is abnormal, first observe whether there are cracks in the ultrasonic mold and whether the installation is firm. Then remove the welding head and then conduct the no-load test to exclude whether there is a problem with the ultrasonic transducer + ultrasonic horn, and eliminate step by step. After eliminating the possibility of transducer + horn failure, the new welding head shall be replaced to judge.
Ultrasonic problem 2: abnormal heating of ultrasonic mold
When the ultrasonic mold is working, there will be a certain heating phenomenon, which is caused by the mechanical energy loss of the material itself and the heat conduction of ultrasonic objects. Whether the heating of ultrasonic mold is normal or not is judged as: when the ultrasonic mold is not loaded (i.e. not contacting the workpiece), the ultrasonic wave is continuously emitted for more than half an hour, and the temperature should not exceed 50-70 ºC. If the heat is damaged, it is proved that the ultrasonic mold has been damaged or the material is unqualified and needs to be replaced; if the mold temperature is too high, it is usually accompanied by abnormal high ultrasonic current;
Ultrasonic problem three: ultrasonic mold howling abnormal
When the ultrasonic mold screams, the following reasons should be analyzed:
1. Whether the ultrasonic mold is in contact with the object that should not be contacted;
2. Whether the screw of ultrasonic welding head is loose;
3. Whether there are cracks in ultrasonic mold;

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