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Application of ultrasonic welding machine in PP material

Photo machine, inkjet printer, printer cartridge, medical kit all need ultrasonic welding, these products are made of PP plastic injection molding, ultrasonic welding need to meet waterproof and even some airtight pressure requirements, so after ultrasonic welding, you need to use special pressure leakage or vacuum detection instruments to test.

pp box welding

For such PP plastic ultrasonic welding needs to be sealed, first of all, the product joint surface structure should be reasonable, generally designed as a convex groove structure, if the structure is limited, it can be designed as a shear-type ultrasonic structure; The effective height of the ultrasonic welding wire is about 1mm.

Moreover, for the recommendation of ultrasonic model selection, you can use a 20k digital ultrasonic welding machine, the machine frequency is 20khz, the power is as high as 3000W, the ultrasonic amplitude is high, and the welding pp material has a better effect, and most cases can meet the welding needs;

or the material of PP plastic itself, it is recommended to use the type of hard point, in the welding process, there may be a spillage situation, which can be overcome by setting the mechanical limit device of the ultrasonic welding machine.

ultrasonic welding machine