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Hot plate welding machine for pp workpiece

PP board has also been selected as one of the most environmentally friendly engineering plastics because of its superior chemical resistance, heat resistance, non-toxic and odorless, and PP board also has the advantages of small density and easy welding and processing. PP material is widely used, and various plastic auto parts will be used, such as water tank, oil tank, glove boxes, central controllers, doors panel, roof covers, auto lamp shells, etc., which can be welded with hot plate welding machine.


PP plate welding method can have ultrasonic welding and hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding is generally suitable for the welding of small plastic parts, hot plate is more suitable for large irregular workpiece welding.

Hot plate welding, which is a thermoplastic welding process that softens the surface of the jointed plastic parts by electric heating metal molds. Suitable for almost all large and small thermoplastic parts. It is commonly suitable for welding softer semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as PE plates or PP plates. Hot plate welding can reach a high weld strength. However, the cycle time of this process can be relatively long.