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How Ultrasonic Welding Machine Welds Toys

With the continuous development of toy brands such as Bubble Mart, under the boom of modern cultural consumption, stationery cultural creation and children's toys have come out of the circle. The production process of plastic toys needs to go through three stages: main body design, production and assembly of toy accessories. The welding process of small plastic toys requires the use of ultrasonic welding machines.

For small assembled toys, a high degree of matching needs to be achieved between different parts. The difference in millimeters will lead to the inability to splice and fit, and for the production of toys with more complex design and differences, the injection molding of the one-piece molding is expensive, and the quality of the product may not be guaranteed, and the traditional welding method cannot meet the welding processing needs of the new plastic in the new era. Higher requirements are placed on the safety performance of children's toys. Ultrasonic welding machine can solve this problem.

toys welder

The first operation of the plastic ultrasonic welding machine is not easy to control the size of the energy, and the completion of the parameter allocation can ensure that there is no spillage and other affecting the aesthetics of the welding. Toy plastic raw materials are different, aesthetics, flood light, good feel will also be presented differently. Dezhong ultrasonic welding equipment is widely used in hot melt plastics, meeting the needs of more than 95% of plastic products on the market. According to the needs of the toy, select the corresponding frequency, power, model size of the ultrasonic welding equipment. Comprehensive consideration gives priority to safe production, the processing process is almost zero pollution, and the fundamental dust affects the respiratory tract of children.