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What advantages are the servo hot plate machine has?

1. Innovative servo drive technology and S-TVP closed-loop process control system with good customer experience.

2. Bid farewell to the extensive control of the traditional hot plate welding machine and enter a new era of precision hot plate welding.

3. The welding surface can allow plastic margin compensation, and the welding strength is guaranteed.

4. According to the needs of various materials, the welding procedure can be adjusted.

5. According to the size of the equipment, the driving mode can be selected from pneumatic, hydraulic drive or servo motor drive.

6. The equipment maintains good stability, which can ensure consistent welding effect and high accuracy of the workpiece after processing. Welding temperature, heating time, cooling time, heating depth, welding depth pressure

Parameters such as force, transfer time and so on can be adjusted.


7. Complete the smooth and rapid departure of the hot stamping mold in a relatively short period of time.

8. The hot stamping die heating plate and the upper clamp and lower tool are designed as an independent assembly part, which is convenient for installation and handling.